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Men and

Many online dating sites take advantage of men. Usually there are far more men on a site than women. This opens up two types of activity that are unjust. At d8mate we respect every member and work hard to protect you.

Fake profiles made by the site owners

Did you know that some sites have computer controlled profiles that send you messages so you upgrade your account. At we are 100% free so this cannot happen. It's unethical and not something we would do to you. Every person on our site is a profile made by a real person.

Fake profiles made by scammers

Scammers target single males with fake profiles which result in a scammer asking you for money. These gangs of scammers are on every dating site. If it's a paid site they even use stolen credit cards. We have a system called Scametrics that lets you see what other members think about each other and we actively delete fakes to make your time on as safe as we can make it. We cannot eliminate every fake profile so instead we offer advice to help protect you from romance scams.

We always suggest to users of to keep all messages and communication within the site until you are ready to meet in person. The longer all members say within the site the more fakes we can delete. We remove most scammers within 48 hours of joining but if you share your personal details right away then it's harder for us to help protect you.

Honest and open site

Are other sites you have joined in the past this open and honest with you? We have nothing to hide, we are 100% free and we try as hard as possible to make our site as safe. Join today and start sending free messages.

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