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Mobile phones and online dating

Online dating has shifted to mobile platforms over the past few years. Our site has 73% of it’s traffic from mobile and tablet devices. In 2014 we rebuilt the entire user experience and made mobile and tablet an important focus.

devices split to

Mobile visitors are clearly ahead of any other type of device.

Our design for desktops is also used for tablets, the important difference between the two systems is the size of button or link. On a desktop you can have single words as a hyperlink but on a tablet this is not practical when your finger is used as the input device. The result is a super sized UI for desktop which is refreshingly clean and easy to use.

The site has a dedicated mobile interface, again with everything designed for user input via touch. The challenge with mobile design is every phone screen sizes is just that little bit different. Therefore our UI design is responsive, which means it adjusts its self to fill the screen when possible. It has also been designed that you don’t have to use pinch zoom so the look and feel is like an app even though it’s a website. The desktop and mobile platforms have a similar look and feel but are two separate systems. It is important to note that mobile, tablet and desktop users can all interact with each other. You have no idea that the other person could be using a phone and all features that exist on the desktop are also available for the mobile version.

search on mobile and desktop

This screen shots shows how search is represented on different devices.

Mobile is really the natural home for online dating as it’s something you do in private and want to check and post messages any time of the day. Since making a dedicated mobile version we have seen repeat logins grow week on week.

We hope you enjoy the work that has gone into the design and let us know of any suggestions or improvements you would like to see. As a company we are strongly focused on user driven development.

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