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Meeting people & being safe

The first time you meet someone in the real world can be a scary moment. Naturally you will be very nervous. Think about the following guide lines and ideas to ensure you're in a safe environment. These apply to both males and females. Just because your male don't think you can ignore these. If everyone on the site follows these guidelines it will become the standard way to meet.

Meet in a public place

Your local coffee shop is a great place for a first date with someone you have met online. You can meet in the day time, within a town with lots of other people around.

Talk on the phone

Before meeting swap mobile phone numbers and talk to each other. This way you have a better feeling for what the other person is like and you also have a record that you spoke. Even better is to get a landline phone number from the other person.

Swap photos

Exchange a few pictures and spend time online getting to know each other. Using an instant messenger is also useful as a webcam will validate the pictures you have seen. Everyone has a webcam and avoid people who refuse to swap pictures.

Tell a friend

Tell a friend that you are going on a date. Give them the name and phone numbers of the person you are meeting.

Have your own transport

Make your own way to a date. Don't let the other person pick you up in their car. You should have a way to travel to the date and most importantly a way to get home.

Our Scametrics system

Every members profile has a Scametrics score. 100% means the member has a clean record, 25% means this member is very close to being removed from the site forever!

We cannot explain how the system works in detail as its processes are critical to removing fakes from the site. Our system has a number of automatic checks that run in the background. But most importantly is run by our members. We tell you want to look for and if you see any fake activity we ask you use the report button, it takes just a few seconds. With 1000s of people reading profiles every minute it doesn't take long to remove abusive members.

The database of abusive members is shared over our entire dating network, we have many different sites and brands. If someone is banned from one site they are automatically banned from all of our other sites. We improve our Scametrics system all the time and add new automatic functions to keep you as safe as we can.

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