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Women and

We work very hard to make as safe as possible and we understand that female members do not want to be hassled by unfriendly members. Some of our process include.

You can report other members for rude and abusive behaviour. Profiles are then checked and people who don't contribute positively to the site will be deleted.

Live chat:
Our live chat offers you the ability to block people you do not like. There are two levels, the first is a short term block that lasts until you logout, the second is a long term block that lasts 30 days. It's really easy to do, just type block username, or superblock username in the chat to remove someone you don't wish to talk to.

Profile pictures:
All members profile pictures are checked by a human. If a picture is offensive then it will be deleted before you ever see it. All pictures are of people's faces so you always know who you are talking to. We also offer private pictures if you wish to share something more personal with another member you like. Some female members opt not to have a profile picture and use private pictures only. This way you only show yourself to people you have already started talking to and potential like. Private pictures are a great away to minimise the chance of an ex or a work colleague seeing your profile.

Tell your friends

Why not tell your friends to join with you? If you know more single girls then tell them about Show them your profile on your smart phone. If they like what they see then they can sign up right away directly on their phone or via their computer. You can then compare notes on all of the men and even arrange double dates. We always have high volumes of men on our site so it's very easy to get a date. Just create a profile, add your picture and within minutes you will be popular!

Too many men

You will also be very glad to hear we have far too many men. Create a great and fun profile, add a picture and expect lots of messages by the end of the day.

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